Strictly Gospel Ministries
Venue Change for November 27
A True Family Christmas, Dayton, OH

Hello Collingsworth Family ticket holders...We have an important announcement to make involving a VENUE CHANGE and NEW

As most of you know the country is facing a horrible outbreak.  Due to this, we have moved to location of the November 27,
2020 concert with The Collingsworth Family to CORNERSTONE BAPTIST TEMPLE, located at 1707 Ohmer Ave - Dayton, OH

Due this move, iTickets will be issuing NEW SEATING ASSIGNMENTS.  I personally have worked tirelessly on trying to match
your current seat assignments with the new seating arrangement.  Please keep in mind that the seating is very different from
the auditorium to the church, so you may not be in the exact seat you had, but please know that I did my very best to get you
as close as possible to your original seats.  If anyone is dissatisfied with your new seats please see me at the concert and we will
see what we can do.

Now some important info:
Great tickets still available.
Click here to get your tickets today!

VIP Tickets are still available.  Please watch your email in the coming days for detailed information on the time and entry door for
the private pre-concert reception.

If you need a wheel chair accessible entrance, we ask that you enter at the far left door as your facing the church.

MASKS: We do encourage you to wear masks while entering and exiting the church, or if you are up out of your seat.  Once
seated, while we can encourage you to wear a mask, we are all adults and you can make your own decision.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: The main church floor is pew style seating, and to accommodate everyone, every seat has been
assigned.  In the balcony the seats are individual theater style seats.  Again, most of those will be purchased.

Refunds:  Refunds will be issued only for those with health conditions, or those who feel it is not safe to attend due to the
virus.  Please contact iTickets for a refund to be processed.

We are really looking forward to seeing you at A True Family Christmas, with The Collingsworth Family on Friday, November 27,


Tim Fitzharris
Strictly Gospel Ministries